Saturday Shopping, April 28

1) In words from the late Judith Keith's Nothing to Wear, "I have two closets full of nothing to wear!" And with my gray loafers giving out in the rain last night, it was time to run through Downtown Crossing like Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble crying "CHARGE it! CHARGE it!"

2) Dialogue with the Sassy Lady Cashier:

SLC: "Ooh, Happy Socks! You bettah be happy when you wear those."

Me: "Yes! I'm going to a party tonight, and they asked us all to wear something floral for spring (groundbreaking)." [Hands over blue-and-white floral shirt.]

SLC: "That's niiiiiice! What you gonna wear for bottoms?"

Me: "I dunno. Maybe I just won't do anything and scandalize them all."

SLC: [pause - gives me the eye] "I wanna party with you."

3) In the shoe store, a text from my Atlanta cousins - who just happened to be in my mother's kitchen! We ended up having an uproarious phone chat (with me in a space where I would not impede anyone's shopping).