Saturday Morning, April 28

1) Coffee and social media in the study, feeling as though I'm comfortably wrapped up in cotton wool. As Lady June Carbery said in White Mischief, "I couldn't move a limb," but with an array of activities for the weekend - domestic, personal, social, professional - I need to get my act together about 90 minutes ago.

2) This morning one of my best friends reposted one of the great, comic dance club hits of the 1990s, "Diva," and in my heart I've been laughing like a drain ever since. Brought me right back to Provincetown before 2000 and the story of how he and another friend heard this blasted over the speakers of a couple twinks at Herring Cove (which Simply Isn't Done). But the words - so self-oriented, so ridiculous - had them laughing and laughing. And it just might get me through today.

2a) With the years, the line "You bettah squeeze yo' ass into them pants, girl!" has taken on added poignancy. #ohmammyyouvejustgottamakeit18andhalfinchesagain

3) J.B. West's Upstairs at the White House.