1) Each of my grandmothers knew only one joke. The joke my maternal grandmother knew was about the honeymoon couple in New York, lost on the Lower East Side trying to get to a concert. They saw a little old man sitting on his stoop and asked "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" His answer (you saw this coming, I think): "Prektis, prektis, prektis." And Gramma would say it just like that, too.

2) From The High and the Mighty:

Gate Agent: “She may be put together with paste and flour, but that woman has something. What would you think it is?”
Alsop: “Practice. Plenty of practice!"

3) This year at Doyle's (and probably elsewhere) Saturday, February 17 was dubbed "Saint Practice Day," a training opportunity for Saint Patrick's Day. I think it's brilliant marketing.