Wednesday Night, February 21

1) For the first time in a long time, I had a good, high-energy day at the office. Do not ask me to explain why - I couldn't. Productivity, not too much drama, timely answers from people when I needed them, and the possibility of a very interesting project. I needed this.

2) No podcasts tonight, but back to The Bad and the Beautiful. Lana Turner freaks out behind the wheel!

3) This morning when I saw that Rev. Billy Graham died I called Mother, remembering ther period of my childhood when she and Daddy were paying attention to Rex Humbard and Oral Roberts on television Sunday mornings. This evening, reading the Fycebykke posts from friends about Graham's homophobia. Two sides to every coin.

3a) For awhile Daddy actually wanted me to go to Oral Roberts University, but when I heard they had height and weight requirements for their students, I thought that was just waaaaay too regimented for me, not to mention unfair to those they'd deny for reasons of the body.