Wednesday Midday, February 21

1) Oldest Nephew Who Must Not Be Tagged gave me for Christmas a daily Shakespearean insult calendar, which is great, but I don't remember to change the page every day. Catching up this morning, I was arrested by the insult du jour for Presidents Day: "Fit to govern? No, not to live." - Macbeth

1a) As my friend Sean taught me, "That puts the B in subtle."

2) Observing how little people read or comprehend what is given them. And yes, I've been guilty of some howlers in my time (and will be again). It's just a reminder that people a) would rather call and ask where something is than look for it, and b) see information differently from how we intend them to see it.

3) A glittering, warm February day requires a walk by the river. In shirtsleeves.