New Year's Resolutions for 2018/Sunday Night, January 7


Some years I decide to New Year's resolutions, and sometimes I don't, but this year a couple of them appeared spontaneously - and I think that's a good thing:

  1. Substitute podcasts for familiar (and unfamiliar) old movies. When I'm cooking dinner or washing dishes or puttering around the house, I'll often put on an old movie as a/v wallpaper. (Prominent newly-discovered old films of 2017 include Island in the Sun, The Opposite Sex, Blanche Fury, and Pursuit to Algiers.) And that's great, but it's ploughing a deep furrow even deeper. Podcasting is something I need to explore for a few different reasons, so I'm going to make the commitment to tune in actively during my domestic time. And how awesome that I can start with Christina Wallace's The Limit Does Not Exist! I welcome your recommendations.
  2. A. Respect my time. Wow, that sounds vague! What could that possibly mean? It means dedicating time for creativity and honoring that time by being present for it. Present how? By not cancelling or rescheduling it for a better offer, and by approaching that time with a clear head, ready to go.
  3. B. Respect my time. Having a daily schedule sounds so great in theory, until a) the alarm clocks goes off, or b) I realize I'm still not asleep and it's two hours before I have to get up. I keep saying I want to begin the day with a devotional (and quite possibly with sit-ups and pushups), but I don't do it consistently. Let's see how a dedicated start time each morning works for the next month.

Yeah, that's it. The rest - losing weight, eating right, returning to yoga or something, actually going to swim, switching back to red wine from bourbon - feel less like resolutions than obligations.


1) One result of my New York trip: I've used 165 texts over my plan, so I'll be billed extra.

2) I feel pretty good about the column I wrote today, and getting some presents wrapped and thank-you notes written, and things like that - but not about all those dishes left in the sink.

2a) How odd, I got an unsubscribe request after I sent out my email update, and I have no record of that email address ever subscribing. And the list is in my own inbox. I do not understand!

3) Travis had referred me to the podcast You Must Remember This (I think other friends have mentioned it, too), and this evening I listened to an episode about Jane Fonda which I thought would be focused exclusively on Barbarella. Instead, it focused on the entire period of her life with Roger Vadim, including audio footage from a scene in They Shoot Horses, Don't They? And I was able to find the scene on the Yewtybbe, and I can promise you that I will never, ever, see that movie.

BONUS: If it's not my Fycebykke ad settings, it's deleting cookies. How concerned should I be about a cookie with an .ru suffix?