Sunday, January 7

1) Up before 7 AM, chicory coffee and devotional in the parlor, two loads of laundry, and dining room breakfast of a small cheese omelette.

2) Worked (still working) on a column through the morning - in bed due to the cold. Successfuly put of plans to go into town. Listening to the motets of Heinrich Schutz (a gift from a friend 20 years ago), the score of La Fille Mal Gardée, and an album of Cuban music.

3) Skimming my beloved Ellen Maury Slayden's Washington Wife for a remembered story to use in the column, and found today's Quote of the Day: "I see no occasion to love a President. It is quite enough to respect him - if he's respectable [emphasis mine]. To love a new man every four years is not seemly, and to say that you do is hypocrisy and cant."