Monday, January 8 - Back to Work

1) Yesterday I wore a thin dark gray pullover sweater to the office, and so did two other male colleagues. While hardly the time to start singing "My Irresistible Paris Original," it does rather indicate that some color is needed at the office this winter. #thinkpink

1a) Actually, I wore with it a large bow tie covered with pink flowers, a birthday gift last year from Original Boss. Hard to think that the end of this month is the 28th anniversary of my starting to work for him.

2) After essentially three weeks away, it's great to have a staff luncheon to welcome a new colleague. It's a little less great to have a volunteer committee meeting, but at least it's one of my favorite committees.

3) January is always busy, so I'm really going to have to focus on shifting gears back into work mode from life mode. December 19 and my extra-long layover at DFW on the way home for Christmas feel so very long ago right now. That means a lot happened to think about, to "ponder in one's heart."