Thursday morning, May 11

1) Yesterday was, for me, the most shocking day of national news since the presidential election last November. President Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey days after Comey's request to the Justice Department for more funding for the bureau's investigation of Trump's campaign's ties to Russia, coupled with the exclusion of the American press from the President's meeting with the Russian foreign minister (while Russian press got access), not to mention that meeting itself - what is happening to our nation?!

1a) Quote of the Day: "I feel as if we are being conditioned to chaos by a 'president' who abhors the stillness of stability. Every day we awake to a new outrage. We now exist in a rolling trauma — exhausting and unrelenting." - Charles M. Blow in The New York Times

1b) Once I was involved with a non-profit whose charismatic leader functioned best in a crisis. But no non-profit functions best in a crisis - maybe in the short term, but not day after day after blessed day.

2) Yesterday I was also deeply disturbed by video of a brawl aboard a Southwest Airlines flight. This sure has been a bad year for the airlines, and it's only mid-May.

3) "What now must we do?" as it says in the Bible? If you know which verse it is, won't you please tell me?