Wednesday morning, May 10

1) At no moment yesterday could I shake an overwhelming fatigue. I was in bed shortly after 8 PM (!) and so finally decided to get up at 5:15 after lying awake over an hour. I really needed that - but I can't explain it.

2) As part of this morning's devotional, I reached for Walt Whitman’s “Calamus Poems.” And it opened to this:

“There shall be from me a new friendship—It shall
     be called after my name,
It shall circulate through The States, indifferent of
It shall twist and intertwist them through and around
     each other—Compact shall they be, showing
     new signs,
Affection shall solve every one of the problems of
Those who love each other shall be invincible,
They shall finally make America completely victorious,
     in my name.”

Think of that: "Affection shall solve every one of the problems of freedom."

3) Reading the news of President Trump's firing of James Comey only makes me wonder how long we have left. America's cheese has been moved.