Saturday Morning, March 9

1) Allowing myself to be downright sluggish this morning; it’s after 11 AM and I’m still in bed with my third cup of coffee! Why so? Yesterday evening I took a friend for an early birthday dinner to Bar Lyon, the new French bistro at the corner of Washington and Mass. Ave. Pre-dinner French 75s chez lui, kir royale at the bar while we waited for our table (seated at 8:15 for an 8 PM reservation), glass of excellent rosé with dinner, and then a nightcap of curaçao brandy on the rocks. That last one set me buzzing . . .

1a) But the dinner! Oysters (I never order oysters), mind-altering cassoulet, and mousse au chocolat. I may very well go back on Monday for dinner. And the staff were all so delightful (although there was one moment when I had to ask myself if this was French French or Disney French).

2) Research assignments this weekend: counter-depth refrigerators, interstate moving companies, mourning stationery (at least that one’s completed).

3) On ye Fycebykke briefly this morning, excitement that a friend was discovering Harriet Craig without any prompting from me got overshadowed by a lot of political stuff that is just . . . well, I just can’t let it into my head this weekend. I just can’t. All I’ll say is that Freedom of Speech is our most valuable freedom, because it helps identify us, and our fellow citizens, for who we really are. Use that freedom wisely. Think before you speak.