Wednesday Morning, March 7

1) Seed catalogs seem to arrive with the snow, leading to expensive daydreams.

2) Yesterday’s conference included a brilliant presentation on loyalty. The word itself always reminds me of fifth grade, when we were hectored about the “What Loyalty Day Means to Me” essay contest sponsored by the local chapter of the DAR (of which my Granny was a proud member). Mrs. Green was annoyed that NO ONE even expressed interest - but then, no one ever explained what Loyalty Day was. It’s not like it’s on the calendar like the Fourth of July, or even Arbor Day! How can you write about what something with no meaning means to you?

3) I have been wickedly lax in responding to so many very kind condolence notes. I’d feel virtuous about getting up and writing six replies this morning if I can’t gone to bed at 7 PM last night.