Friday Midday, May 11

1) So, Brokelahomo last night. I've now come to expect that the plot of a Gold Dust Orphans show won't necessarily follow the original material that inspired its title. For instance, last Christmas's Whatever Happened to Baby Jesus? was really the plot of Summer Stock with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly with only the barest veneer of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Brokelahomo was much more Johnny Guitar, but the Brokeback Mountain subplot came through, and what I really wanted most came at the end: a full-throated all-cast parody of the title song from Oklahoma! with a bit of roaring harmony in the din.

1a) Protip: Never order a cocktail in a stem glass at the Ramrod Center for the Performing Arts. They just aren't conducive to the theatre setup, and you'll end up sloshing about a third of it on the floor.

2) Up like a stone at 6:30. No devotional, but pretending that reading Herbs and the Earth on the T fills that function this week.

3) I've had to put on my therapist hat for two people so far today, but that's no small part of what I'm here for.