Thursday Morning, May 10

1) Networking event last night, notable for a few friends old and new, a strawberry lavender eclair, and actually getting to transact some business (one of my Pops contacts staffs a table).

1a) Just say no to adhesive nametags. For me they inevitably curl at the edges and then drop to the floor. I noticed at least one person who brought his own nametag, which looked sharp.

2) Dinner afterward with a close friend Anchovies, the Last Affordable Restaurant in the South End. Hadn't been there in ages, maybe a year.

3) This afternoon I emcee the awards convocation, and the staff prepared a magnificent binder for me with a tabbed page for each awardee. I feel so well cared for!

3a) And then tonight Brokelahomo with the Gold Dust Orphans at Ramrod Center for the Performing Arts.