Friday Midday, March 2

1) I said to a colleague this morning "It's storming outside and storming inside, but we have the power to tame the whirlwind!" Now, at only noon, I half-humorously respond to myself, "Uncle!"

1a) Yesterday I promised a volunteer that today her projects would my first priority. Well, man plans and God laughs. This morning's pace has been allegro con molto furioso bello mio anda getta you offa my lawn whargarbl.

1b) Everything is both important and urgent. Including having my lunch.

2) I found this piece about animosity politics interesting. It's a sad day when more people vote in order to vote against something or someone rather than to vote for something or someone. On the other hand, and I've said this before, I consider our current President a unique threat unlike any previous American leader. That would, therefore, have a unique impact on the 2016 election.

2a) That said, there are similarities to Huey Long, and I'll bet nobody took my advice to read Huey Long's Louisiana Hayride.

3) There's a guy I follow on Flickr who's a real gym rat, and will sometimes post photos of candy with the caption "Don't do it!" Sorry buddy, but chocolate may be the only thing to get me through today.