Saturday Morning, March 3

1) My thanks to all who expressed concern for my safety and welfare during yesterday's nor'easter. The worst I had to contend with was damp knees, soggy socks, the tenacious clangour of a neighbor's wind chimes, and the destruction of my umbrella at the top of the subway stairs by that rude drag queen Augusta Wynd. Out early this morning for a haircut, evidence of the Big Blow was mostly confined to a dead lawn umbrella from who knows where and the usual litter of small tree limbs.

2) I love the cloud-breaking revelation when connecting two roles with one character actor. This morning it was the realization that the old man on Clark Gable's rubber plantation in Red Dust ("If it was the summer of eighteen hundred and ninety-four, I'd play games with you, sister. But life is simpler now.") was also the angry old businessman negotiating with Wallace Beery in Grand Hotel. A couple weeks ago it was realizing that Gertrude the Viennese vendeuse in Vivien Leigh's dress shop in Dark Journey was also the grown-up daughter of the servants, now a successful cabaret star, in Noel Coward's Cavalcade.

2a) I recognize that I am the only person I know who cares about such things.

3) My hair now looks fabulous, and just in time for MFA Late Nites tonight!