Thursday Morning, February 1

1) Spin the GTS Wheel and you get "Effie, we all got pain."

2) Yesterday at the office I noticed a new colleague wearing a crisp white shirt and silk-satin necktie. And I looked at myself in a sweater and khakis and an ill-fitting plaid shirt (and no tie) and thought "What the hell happened to me? I'm the one that's all snooty about being well-dressed at work!"

3) Looking back, January included a trip to New York, a Saturday workshop on annual planning, Massie's Catherine the Great (just finished last night - spoiler alert, she died), the start of a new guest book, and on-schedule publishing of Etiquetteer twice a week. That's not so bad.

3a) And reasonable fulfillment of two New Year's resolutions. Yes, I'm paying more attention to podcasts - though that does seem to be heavily heavily concentrated on You Must Remember This - and to dedicating time in the morning to devotional reading over coffee. Though this morning I confess I was so sleepy I almost had to pull my upper lip out of my coffee while I was reading . . .