Thursday Evening, February 1

1) Proofreading a document, I found that someone had typed "beaurocracy" instead of "bureaucracy," which made me wonder what kind of a government a beaurocracy would be: government by nice guys who want to date you?

2) Quote of the Day: "Moreover, we are always most anxious to take sides either passionately for or against, as can be seen in public combats or games or any kind of contest, where the onlookers often for no clear reason favour one or other of the participants, desperately anxious that he should win and his opponent lose. Then as regards men's characters, their good or bad reputation, as soon as we hear of it, arouses in us either love or hatred, so that for the most part we judge on the basis of one of these emotions." - from The Book of the Courtier, by Baldesar Castiglione

3) Sometimes I regret that I can only be who I am. A few times in my life I've been given the advice "Dial it down," and seriously, try as I might, sometimes I just can't. #bewhoyouare #theswordcutsbothways

3a) Daddy would say "Be as great as you are." I fear that might only be possible if I dial it down.