Words and Music for Thanksgiving Day

1) The hymn most often associated with Thanksgiving would have to be “We Gather Together.” And the most meaningful lyric would have to be “The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing,” although the Puritans and the censorious would probably choose “He chasten and hasten his will to make known.”

2) For those having yams today (we are not), here’s Fred and Ginger dancing the Yam Dance in Carefree. I’m sorry this clip doesn’t have Ginger singing the song at the beginning.

2a) “I didn’t come to do the Charleston. I didn’t come to ball the jack.

I didn’t come to do the Susie Q or do the bottom they call black.

I didn’t come to do Big Apple. I didn’t come to do the shag.”

“Well honey, here I am to do the yam, because the yam is in the bag!”

3) And now two Daffy Duck cartoons involving turkey: the memorable Holiday for Drumsticks and Daffy Duck and Tom Turkey: