Thanksgiving Morning, November 22

1) After a novel breakfast of avocado toast, followed by a shower, I’ve essentially been banished from the kitchen by Mother, who wants to work on the vegetable dishes undisturbed at her own pace.

1a) The avocado toast turned out to be the ideal light breakfast for Thanksgiving, topped with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and a serving of scrambled eggs. Neither lime nor lemon did we have, nor cilantro, as the recipe required, but it was still very good.

2) Mother wants to go to the cemetery later to see the new marker for her brother.

3) The advantage of being the only house guest is that I can sleep in The Room (my usual assignment) but use the guest room as a study since there’s a desk in there. So it’s Forever Amber and weeding of conservative junk mail for me this morning.