Sunday Morning, September 24

1) This morning's devotional included #292 of Baltasar Gracian's The Art of Worldly Wisdom:

"Let your character be superior to the requirements of the job, not vice versa. No matter how great the post, you must show you are greater. Deep talent grows ever deeper, and more obvious, with each pursuit. The person with a narrow mind and heart will be easily caught, and eventually the weight of his duties will crush his reputation. The great Augustus was proud of being a better man than a prince. Here is where one needs a lofty spirit, and well-grounded confidence in oneself."

Quite a reflection on World Leaders Who Shall Remain Nameless - if not Unknown - who are letting us all down.

2) Nearly went into a tailspin of despair reading the news about #TaketheKnee, President Trump vs. the NFL. It seems like the only person to come out of this with any dignity is Roger Goodell. For me it proves that America is a sleeping giant until you mess with the Flag, Football, or the Pledge of Allegiance. Now that we have two out of three in play, does anyone want to bring back the "under God" controversy, too?

2a) What's on Twitter will really bring you down. Mother always said "When you lose your temper, you lose your point." So many Twitterers are not just losing their points, they're losing their sh*t.

3) In between all these observations, I celebrate domesticity and the joy of being in my own home.