Provincetown, Day One, Part 1 - Saturday, July 1, 2017

1) Breakfast with Hochmina at What Used to Be Tippy-Toppy. Miraculously two seats opened up at the bar almost as soon as we arrived. I found the smoked salmon benedict and the curvature of the waiter equally appetizing.

2) Dropped in on some other friends and we lunched at Bubala's on the terrace, an ideal reviewing stand to see the passing throng.

3) Afterward I strolled Comical Street to commit a few Acts of Retail. In the East End I was distracted - perhaps I was admiring some curvature - when I tripped over a parking barrier and stumbled badly. Of course this would happen in front of a few total strangers. After a quick second I threw my arms wide and said "Ta-daaaaaa! For my next act: walking away gracefully."

4) On the recommendation of a friend I stopped into East End Books, which just opened this winter. Charming layout, and the proprietor is both knowledgeable and cordial. I ended up buying a few greeting cards and an autographed copy of a new book about Cape Cod by Robert Finch. As the scion of a small business family, I know it's important to support small business in America!

5) Ducked into a card store I've frequented for years to observe that the product mix had changed dramatically. Turns out there's a new owner. I don't think I'll be back.

6) After some serious lounging at home, a quick run into town for a coffee led to a surprise meeting with a professional contact. It's so disorienting to see people out of context!

7) Shortly off to the thé dansant.