"How beautifully the day begins
In sunny Provincetown . . ."

1) Took the 6:30 ferry last evening from town. As a rarity, I slept almost all the way.

2) As another rarity, took a cab from the pier to Hochmina-sur-Mer. Just didn't feel like toting all my anvils to the end of town. Just like the Caribbean, P'town cabbies pack their cabs with as many passengers as possible. I sat in front next to the driver. Eventually I was joined by two women - one older, one younger. A lesbian couple? Oh no! A heterosexual mother-daughter team from Michigan who just "love the gays," laughed at everything I said, and were clearly ready to enjoy every moment of their first trip to Provincetown.

2a) Oh dear.

3) Nice, quiet dinner at Hochmina-sur-Mer, during which I was surprised by the news that Olivia de Haviland was suing FX and Ryan Murphy over Feud. This of course led me to start watching The Dark Mirror again:

4) Slept like a LOG. Gawd, I needed that!

5) It is delicious to feel no pressure to see or do anything. Today is the most scheduled I'm going to be all these days: lunch at noon, and then tea dance in the evening.

6) I intend to spend my time writing, reading, contemplating, and seeing friends - at the beach, and at home. Bliss.