Administering Etiquetteer

1) Before Etiquetteer had a website, I started it as an email list, and I continue to email notifications when a new column is posted. In the last several months I have been more diligent about including "If you prefer not to receive these messages, please reply with Unsubscribe in the subject line." And I'm glad I have, because people are, in fact, unsubscribing. Well, three people have unsubscribed over the last three weeks, and two of them are acquaintances I haven't interacted with in several years. (I think one of them moved out of state about ten years ago.) And I'm glad they did, because I don't want people to resent seeing an Etiquetteer email pop into their inbox; I don't want to inspire that sort of feeling. The plus side is that I am getting new subscribers through the website, and that's really great, too!

2) Last month I finally got G***le Ads up and running on the website. Anything technical I do without assistance is a MAJOR victory! But I was surprised yesterday when a friend sent me an image of an ad that showed up on the website - something about dating Brazilian girls - which he didn't think set quite the Perfectly Proper tone for And I agree! That led to poking around the inner workings of G***le Ads, and I discovered that I had never explicitly said I didn't want certain "sensitive topics" ads like dating or gambling to show up on my site. So now that's taken care of.

3) I'm a little slow on the uptake, but eventually I do get moving. Last summer a friend advised me on some good video production techniques and equipment, once he saw my initial Etiquetteer videos. And over the weekend, I finally took his advice and ordered a package of inexpensive lighting and backdrops. With my second bedroom soon to become vacant (I'm in "the last two weeks of L.B. Jeffries in a cast"), I'll be able to use it as a studio and start experimenting. Yay!