Friday morning, April 28

1) This morning I wrote in an email to a friend "But it’s interesting to consider how passions change as we grow, evolve, and experience. When I was very young, it was acting. In college and grad school I drifted to publishing (which was hip in the 1980s, quite the vogue). After I came out it was doing special events, and I did a lot for small non-profits until I finally started doing reunion events for MIT, and then the Ballet, and then back to MIT. And then it was Etiquetteer, writing that became my passion. Now I’m ready to integrate my voice into that somehow. It’s going to be good for me - and I want it to be profitable, too."

2) Scheduling, scheduling, networking . . .

3) The pile of action items on every front is teetering in just such a way that it's likely to fall on me today . . . by Sunday at the latest.