Thursday evening, April 27

1) This morning I did my first voiceover in a recording studio, providing brief narration for a video for office colleagues. I feel like I'm going to have to learn to breathe again! By the end of each take I felt almost as if I was gasping. Just being confronted by a clown-nosed microphone felt different. The production staff praised me for the warmth of my voice, which was of course very pleasant to hear. Now I'm eager to see the final product!

2) After the Baker House Piano Drop, walked over the bridge with a colleague and then down the Esplanade all the way to the Charles Street Jail - uh, Liberty Hotel now! - and thence to the Harrison Gray Otis House for a Boston History Project program on Beauport, one of my very very favorite house museums. Very pleasant to see some friends there. The program was simply wonderful, and also referenced the Gibson House. :-) AND, big surprise, the speaker had somewhere been to an Etiquetteer program!

3) Now soaking my feet in ice water.