New Year's Eve Launch

1) All this glamor doesn't just happen so much that sometimes it just doesn't happen!


1a) I think I must've taken half a dose of Screwitol, 'cause if it doesn't all get done, Life will just have to go on. Still, I'll do my best not to botch some necessary cosmetic surgery before New Year's Eve dinner - my favorite night of the year.

2) But this is really my New Year's message for you, as seen yesterday at Haymarket:


2a) Thank you, dahlings, for being part of his - how shall I say this? - this interesting year with me. I couldn't have managed nearly so well without you.

3) And now, one of my favorite arrangements of "Auld Lang Syne" (though I really prefer it in E-flat major):

3a) Joe: "Happy New Year, Norma." Norma: (gasping) "Happy New Year, dahling."

3b) Me: [bursts into tears]