Wednesday, November 1

1) The latest musical obsession is what, to me, it must sound like in Heaven: Ben Selvin's band doing "Dear Eyes That Haunt Me." I've probably listened to it over 100 times since yesterday.

1a) A track in the same vein would be Louis Armstrong's original 1920s recording of "Struttin' With Some Barbecue." I think it must be the banjos and the ukeleles.

1b) Because part of Heaven is an elegant nightclub from the interwar years where all the acts my Mabel Mercer-hating friends hate, and I love, play. Heaven for me, Hell for them. "And after Carmen Miranda, it's Florence Foster Jenkins!" Bwaahahaha.

1c) But there is no schadenfreude in Heaven.

2) Two months to go until New Year's Eve.

3) Drowning in paper.