Tuesday Midday, March 12

Yes, there’s got to be a morning after. “When one has been exaltée ,” as Lady Longstreet said in Willa Cather’s beautiful short story “The Old Beauty,” . . . oh, blah blah, something about the harder they fall the next day. Willa said it a lot better. Go read the whole story.

1) TECHNOLOGY ISSUES: a) for the last couple years I’ve been awkwardly straddling three ISPs, and the original ISP seems to have let its security certificates expire (!), b) installed the new Myjyve operating system over the weekend, and the stupid thing includes Evil Nefarious Siri! I have neutralized her, but . . . but I just don’t want her there at all; and c) yTynes not playing newly downloaded movies.

1a) I have become the old man I always complain about. :-(

2) Interestingly, since Mother died I have just stopped acknowledging birthdays on ye Fycebykke. I have no idea why. For all the February and March birthdays I missed, many belated returns of the day.

3) Ye Fycebykke is overflowing with news of the Yale Admissions Scandal because a prominent Interlochen alumna (with whom I have performed) is implicated. Sadness.

4) BONUS: Pull yourself out of it with this intoxicating (I choose the word carefully) waltz from Madame Bovary featuring Jennifer Jones, now sadly known only for falling from an elevator in The Towering Inferno. I must thank my dear friend Miss Percy Larsen for introducing me to this a year or two ago.

4a) Poor drunk Van Heflin! If he’s not being shot to death by Joan Crawford, he’s being humiliated by Jennifer Jones.