Monday Evening, February 25

1) This evening I must:

  • Make up the bed since I slept in the study the last two nights.

  • Pack for New York!

  • Pay the bills.

  • Round up stationery for condolence correspondence.

  • Clean off the piano since the neighbors will be using it while I’m away.

  • Tidy the dining room.

  • Wash any remaining dirty dishes.

2) In tonight’s mail I received the latest condolence card, from one of my very favorite volunteers and his wife (who is also one of my favorites), including a really touching poem he received from someone to commemorate a family death many years ago. It was spot on. And it reminded me of so many other people who are probably wondering if I ever received what they sent me because I just haven’t written back yet.

3) An exceptionally busy day today interacting with alumni and volunteers, but the most delightful part of it was taking an inquiry about an oil portrait of a Prominent Person on campus, including an assertion that it was really by Sargent and that its donor required it to be modified. Imagine, modifying a Sargent! The quest for information ended up involving five or six different alumnae and staff, everyone providing something useful and entertaining to the search. As it happens, the portrait is NOT by Sargent, and it remains to be seen if the Rumored Alteration actually took place. This is the sort of thing I just love.

BONUS: Tonight I had to spear Luxardo cherries onto a corn cob holder for my manhattan . . .