Saturday Morning, February 23

1) Parlor coffee, devotional, and now on to the news.

1a) Mother, as you know, received armsful of junk mail every day from every possible conservative organization in this country. Often she would ask me to research some of the claims they put forward, and often they were easily debunked by simple searches on the internet. One of these organizations (which I will not name) came to mind this morning when I read this NYT article about the muted Republican response to Republican voter fraud in North Carolina. Last fall, when the story was first making national news, this organization sent out an appeal for funds because of the voter fraud crisis perpetuated by [Insert Name of Prominent Democrat Here] in North Carolina. And I thought, “Ha ha, they probably think that’s a clever tactic to confuse people.” But it makes me angry how these “paper mills” crank out these fearsome lies to con people out of their money.

2) Quote of the Day: “Poor Lillian, she’s had so much illness.” — Alma Kruger as Aunt Ellen Austen in Craig’s Wife with Rosalind Russell and John Boles (and Billie Burke!)

3) Looking ahead, there is just so much to do on every front: home, work, the life inside my head. But as I wrote to someone this week, the only possible direction is forward. I just wish forward included a nap! :-)