Monday Morning, January 28

1) Saturday afternoon Best Friend and I met at the mall and ended up having a late lunch*. In the night leading up to Sunday morning I recognized that telltale tickle in my throat that indicated a cold was coming. And indeed, that sluggish wave lapped at me all Sunday, and has now engulfed me. Bleah!

2) Yesterday’s devotional included this one sentence, again from Baltasar Gracián, in #292: “The person with a narrow mind and heart will be easily caught, and eventually the weight of his duties will crush his reputation.” Who does this sound like to you?

3) I’m slowly working my way through the Gospel of Mark, chapter by chapter, and this morning it included verse 10:50: “And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus.” There are several different interpretations on this website.

4) Realizing that I haven’t read the news at all since late Friday, and almost scared to do so now.

5) I still want you to check out David Opdyke’s “This Land.” This is an enormously important work of art!

*I’d say “Like girlfriends, with hats on,” except that CPK is hardly the sort of place you could call “smart.”