Monday Evening, July 17 - Lago di Carlo, Day Five, Part Two

1) After breakfast, quick runs to the library to donate two boxes of books and to Our Preferred Florist to return vases. It felt good to get this stuff out of the way before 10 AM.

2) Happily all the excelsior that's been created here in the last few days has been great for packing fragile china. Still in fear and tremblin' that it will survive the USPS, where I have to bring it tomorrow.

2a) The yard men showed up by surprise today, leading to some domestic confusion when Mother couldn't find her checkbook. It did eventually turn up, hurrah!

3) After lunch at ye Grytte Harvest, Mother and I were delighted to welcome the nice across-the-street neighbor who's also an Interlochen alumna - and whose daughter just graduated this year! We three gabbled away on all sorts of topics for almost two hours. Mother was caught "resting her eyes" a couple times. :-)

4) After a NAP and weeding through more junk mail, I confess my heart sank reading the news about President Trump's behavior repudiating the American intelligence community in favor of President Putin. I am heartsick for America, and angry that so many were hoodwinked into voting for that man.

5) Originally we had a fairly vigorous plan for the late afternoon/evening: a visit to Byd, Byth, and Beyoncé, followed by dinner in the same shopping center and then the second night of the revival at church. Mother was feeling a bit sluggish after her nap and is taking some time to "wake up her body," and I am frankly too downcast by the news to be able to handle revival preaching as well. So we are staying in tonight.

6) The list of outstanding items to accomplish tomorrow is a daunting one, but perhaps I can polish off a couple tasks tonight.