Thursday, July 12 - Lago di Carlo, Day One

1) Yesterday's journey included a surprise visit to my beloved Pyppadyaux at DFW terminal A (my layover was longer than anticipated), a 45-minute wait on the tarmac, and dinner at ye Olyve Gyrdynne with Mother and Laura, where our waiter was definitely one of "the Oscar Wilde sort."

2) Exhausted, I sank like a stone into bed, but still didn't sleep longer than three hours at a stretch. I still couldn't sleep in past 6 AM.

3) Mother is snowed under by junk mail, including some of the most inflammatory, outrageous falsehoods. I spent part of the morning preparing Please Remove From Mailing List envelopes (which will do no good), but coming to grips this is Tsunami of Evil is why I'm here. Fourteen requests have been prepared.

4) We ended up talking about five minutes about whether or not to throw away a particle-board box designed to store VHS cassettes. I should mention that the cassettes in question got tossed out the day before. One of the more engaging issues of this visit is going to be convincing Mother that she doesn't have to worry about whether or how something gets used after it's been thrown away.

5) Also disposed of some of my uncle's moldering Christian Science literature. Later over lunch, discussing hymns for Mother's funeral (which will not be for many years, we all hope), sudden consternation lest the relevant information have been tossed with said moldering literature. Of course, Laura confidently found what was needed when we returned home.

6) Lunch out at ye Grytte Hyrvest, which has the advantage of being new (less than two years old),  very close to home, and the employer of one of Daddy's favorite aides from the nursing home. Happily she was on the counter today, and we really enjoyed catching up.

7) I am now going to have a great big NAP to rejuvenate for the next round.