Friday Night, April 20

1) Unexpected sighting of the day: an Emmy statuette in the lobby of an MIT laboratory.

2) Cutting through the bewildering number of new or updated privacy policies that seem to be popping out everywhere is the news that SmugMug has acquired Flickr from Yahoo/Verizon. Flickr was my original social media, and it went downhill first after Yahoo acquired it, and then after Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo. I was not happy when Verizon acquired Yahoo (which has now combined Yahoo and AOL into something called Oath, with an abhorrent privacy policy), so I'm cautiously optimistic about this acquisition.

2a) When you think about how AOL and Yahoo were the pillars of the Internet in the 1990s, and now they are limping along as subsidiaries of a corporate giant . . .

3) There are some people out there who are just losing their sh*t over the President hosting a state dinner for the President of France at Mount Vernon, saying that it sullies the legacy of Jackie Kennedy, etc. etc. etc. PEOPLE! The site must have been chosen to acknowledge the visit(s) that the Marquis de Lafayette paid there to George Washington. It's entirely appropriate to host a state dinner there.