Friday Midday, April 13 - the Last Days of Mercury Retrograde

1) Coming to the end of the last dreary week of L.B. Jeffries in a cast - um, no, sorry, that was last week - the last active week of Mercury retrograde, feeling like I've dropped all the glass balls I was juggling.

2) Lots of communications this week that might as well have begun "Hello, I'm speaking to you from the village of High Dudgeon."

3) This week was also notable for bad sleep, but last night was a heavy exception. One of the nice surprises of this week was the arrival of an impromptu houseguest last night, a friend in from Minneapolis for a recital who a) needed a place to crash for one night and b) like me, loves movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood. After dinner we put on my beloved The Rains Came with Myrna Loy, George Brent, and Tyrone Power with a turban and a tube of Egyptian No. 6. But about two thirds of the way through, I almost had to put toothpicks in my eyes to keep watching, and so did my friend. Cementing my role as a Bad Host, I abandoned him at 10:15 for my bed and slept like the dead, with only one break, until 6 this morning.