Wednesday Midday, March 7 - New England Weather Edition

1) As I said to someone somewhere in the office today, "We live in New England, and we need to handle the weather like New Englanders." All this kerfuffle about what appears to be a routine winter storm. It's winter in New England, and this is what happens, people.

2) I'm the first to admit I'm a sucker for a waltz (even though I can't dance), so it's unsurprising that my latest musical obsession is the finale and end credits of Oscar Strauss's Ein Walzertraum. (Skip ahead to 02:45.) Really, I don't see why we shouldn't ride out this winter storm in the Oval Room at the Costly Plaza with plenty of champagne, smoked salmon sandwiches, raspberry tarts, and madeleines with a cafĂ© concert orchestra winding out waltz after waltz. 

3) A Nauset clam shack is about to be claimed by the Atlantic, just as Henry Beston's Outermost House was during the Blizzard of 1978, and all I can think of is that Bible verse that includes "Build not your house upon the sand."