Friday Morning, March 23

1) Yesterday in the late afternoon and early evening I staffed an information table for Interlochen at the state's High School Drama Festival. After some confusion (alas for them, one of the principal organizers was unable to be there due to illness), I was parked at a table in a large, low-ceilinged room jammed with teenage hubbub and emotion. Every ten minutes or so there would be a crest of screaming or other exclamation, until the room emptied for them to begin the program in another space.

2) This morning, in a most likely unrelated incident, I woke up with the unmistakable signs of a cold - bleah! Staying home and handling some work stuff from here will be better than spreading a lot of cooties all over the office, especially at a time when all of us need to be in good health.

3) The back story feature at the end of this morning's NY Times briefing shattered a myth for me. All this time I thought the expression "OK" originated with Martin Van Buren's 1840 presidential campaign. Turns out that first it was a joke in a Boston newspaper in 1839!