Wednesday Morning, February 7

1) Sometimes a quote, a question, a sentence, will just flash across my brain, and yesterday morning it was "Has God blessed you so much that you don't see the burdens of others?" It's a powerful question, not only for myself but for the world's billionaires and Prosperity Gospel believers.

2) Reading about mutant crawfish taking over the world, I couldn't help remembering one of the Cajun jokes Daddy used to tell about Boudreaux and Thibodeaux. They were off hunting in the bayou when they saw a spaceship with tiny green lights fly by - and shot at it. The spaceship fell some distance away. Boudreaux asked Thibodeaux "What was dat?" "I don' know," came the answer. "Cook some rice."

2a) The article actually refers to "crayfish," but where I come from we spell it "crawfish."

2b) And I'm on record as not really being a crawfish fan no matter how you spell it. #southernbybirthyankeebychoice

2c) Which may have something to do with something that happened when I was four years old. One Sunday we didn't go to church, but somewhere southeast of Lake Charles to go crawfishing with long-handled nets on the side of the highway. There was a small wooden bridge with a metal railing as I recall, from which Daddy would scoop his net. At one point he dropped the net in the water and he had to reach down quickly to get it. Alas, something fell from his shirt pocket as he did so - the car keys! I can still see him lying flat on that bridge, using the net to try to scoop back those keys, but no luck. We had to hitchhike back to town (a very nice couple picked us all up and we had iced tea in the living room after we got home). I was then annoyed that I couldn't stay home to watch The Wonderful World of D***** (a favorite Sunday habit), but we all had to get into the second car to return and collect the first.

3) The last couple days my internal soundtrack has been the score of Blanche Fury. Why I have no idea. Start at 00:25. And notice particularly how the composer Clifton Parker uses the woodwinds and the harp.