Sunday Morning, December 16

1) After five unbroken hours of sleep, awoke naturally just a whisper before 6 AM. Chicory coffee and devotional. Padding around quietly as the second-floor neighbors had a party last night and I’m sure they are sleeping late.

1a) Their party was officially over and the building reasonably quiet when I came home from my party after midnight. For the last five years I’ve been invited to a dance in Cambridge every December in a fun, beautiful loft space for artists and those who love them. A good-sized rectangular space with double-height ceilings, including half-height walled spaces for bedrooms and a bathroom. Spaces defined by strings of lights in the ceiling and rugs on the floor. A spiral staircase leading to I forget what, and various domestic appendages.

1b) Last night had a great vibe, but I got to a very mellow place myself, and was strangely comfortable letting my inner introvert out. For over half an hour I sat quite unconcernedly in a cream wingback chair sipping prosecco out of a highball glass and, um, enjoying the passing show.

2) Today is completely unscheduled, now that yoga’s been cancelled this evening, and I am not leaving the house. Creativity and domesticity are in my plans, and planning.

3) The new phone has changed my life in unexpected ways. I don’t think I’ve read a book on my commute since I got it’ now it’s more usual for me to read the NYT or the Globe on my phone instead. Even more unexpected, today I am going to toss out my elderly, disintegrating alarm clock, which I have had and used since graduate school - over 30 years! And when I say disintegrating I mean I can’t pick it up from the top without the bottom falling off. The snooze hasn’t worked in over 20 years. And the phone’s alarm feature is mighty easy to use. So . . . one less thing to gather dust in my house!