Friday Morning, November 9

1) As Jessie Ralph memorably said in Camille, “These are evil days, Monsieur, evil days.” You can bet I’m praying for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

2) Candlelight chicory coffee and (brief) devotional in the parlor before moving to the gray room to read the news and plan a little for the weekend. Turns out my whole candlelight thing is actually capturing the Danish concept of hygge - who knew?!

2a) Apparently it is really supposed to be pronounced hue-gah, which makes me want to say it like this.

2b) That is also how I pronounce Aouda’s name in Around the World in 80 Days.

3) Frankly I’m surprised ye Instytytte is giving us Monday for Veteran’s Day - like July 4, Veteran’s Day is always November 11 and simply doesn’t change whether it’s on a weekend or not, whereas the idea that Memorial Day is always May 30 now seems rather quaint - but I’m taking it gratefully.