Friday Morning, November 16 - Wordplay and Other Things

1) Oh mercy, the last entry is incorrectly given as Thursday Night, November 16! Those with Sharp Eyes will surely have something to say about that. #mercilessproofreaders

2) Thinking about words and terms of expression, yesterday I described someone at ye Instytytte by saying “Oh, he’s been around since God was a boy.” They dissolved in giggles.

2a) Over the weekend a friend described someone’s wedding as a “blaze of hymnody.” Later it got me thinking it could be the title of a stripper’s biopic: “Blaze of Hymnody, Indiana: the Story of an Ecdysiast.”

2b) Finally, this morning reading C.S. Lewis as part of my devotional, it struck me that “leaving the phone off the hook” is now an old-fashioned expression.

3) Oysters have entirely disappeared from the dinner menu. Once they had an honored place in a formal dinner, right at the beginning, but now - barely an appearance. I’ve been served oysters in a private home only once. I have to wonder why this is. Fashion, lack of kitchen staff?