Thursday Morning, November 15

1) So many thoughts about this article about absentee ballots in Florida and Georgia being rejected because voter signatures don’t match those on file. My head is imploding just thinking about it. Certainly my signature doesn’t match every time I write it. Hell, I was nicknamed Chickenscratch in third grade because my early cursive was so bad! But the fact that so VERY many schools no longer even teach penmanship means that young adults are either losing, or never even acquiring, the ability to WRITE their own signature! From the article: “The culture, and technology, are making signatures a devalued currency,” said Tamara Plakins Thornton, a University at Buffalo professor who wrote a cultural history of handwriting in America. “They came into popularity as a means of expressing a person’s individuality, which made them good for identification. Now people will just use an emoji.”

2) Last night I did something that will, finally, bring me into the 21st century. More news as it develops.

3) Another contented early morning state of (almost) deep relaxation. That makes three times this week. I have no idea why this is happening - I don’t deserve it! - but I am so grateful.