Wednesday Morning, September 27

1) This morning's earworm: Mabel Mercer's "Early Morning Blues."

1a) Mabel Mercer has been described as an acquired taste, and certainly when I first heard her recordings in college I thought she was awful. But I came around, and now I find her style and her repertoire charming and evocative of a small, dark, elegantly appointed room in which no more than 50 well-dressed people sit with their drinks, and perhaps the suggestion of a cigarette, in rapt fascination of a great artist. As my late friend Kathleen used to say "When she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad, she enunciates."

2) I may be waking up early these days, but I am not in a "morning person" phase right now.

3) Spin the GTS Wheel and you get "Yes, I have something to talk about. I would like to talk about . . . Madeline Ashton!"