Sunday, September 17

1) This morning, quietly and innocently enjoying my coffee on the back porch when the third floor neighbors - mother and both little children, appeared in the back yard looking for some train cars that had "gone off the rails." After some pleasant chat, I heard the father's voice from their balcony above: "Robert, do you want to come up for some bacon?" BACON?! Who'd turn down an offer of bacon?! In one minute I was trudging upstairs with a fresh cup of coffee. We spent a really nice half hour together over bacon, French toast, and coffee.

2) Brunch at Back Bay Beats, aka B3, with my bestest friends. We appeared to be the only party there, which was distressing; it's a great spot for brunch, and scones to die for. Chicken and waffles with a hint of jalapeno, and an aperol spritz, since I'm reading John Julius Norwich's history of Venice.

2a) Knowing how to inhabit the corner of a banquette is a real skill, and I've mastered it.

3) Such blazing, humid weather today! A harbinger of Hurricane José?