Thursday Morning, August 17

1) Really nice to have three young alumni friends over for dinner last night, and to get out not just the "good stuff" but also the old yearbooks.

2) One of my guests eats a vegan diet, but I was able to come up with something delicious and accommodating:

Waldorf Salad
(made with vegan mayonnaise)

Rotini Pasta with tomato sauce
Insalata verde molto semplice

Raspberry sorbet with fresh blueberries

2a) Four bowls, 12 plates, 12 glasses, 17 pieces of silver, plus one serving bowl, two pots, and a variety of kitchen utensils.

3) The one thing was that my central air conditioning seems no longer to be working. The outdoor unit was clearly working overtime, but I was more than breaking a sweat indoors. The unit indoors showed signs of condensation. Amateur diagnosis is that (and this will not surprise you), something is not working inside. Time to call the repairman.

3a) First I break a tooth, and now this. Plus the general cleanout of my office right now which is seeing me through out an unprecedented amount of stuff. I feel like I'm preparing for battle.