Sunday night, April 30

1) Already one unsubscribe from the Etiquetteer email list after posting tonight's video. I have to wonder if he found the topic offensive.

2) Ten years on Facebook, and I've grown so disenchanted with it. Once I never thought that might be possible, and now . . .

2a) I wish the Next Big Social Media would come along so that we could all go there. I'd hoped Ello would be that two years ago, and of course now the creators are bleeding all the good features away from it anyway.

3) Back on Facebook, a friend had posted a link to an article on S****.c*m about how much longer we have until humanity is extinct. Reading it, I was brought back to my sophomore year of high school (the year I was at a Catholic school) and remembering how afraid I was of nuclear holocaust. A friend had tried to sell me on Mother Shipton's prophecy that the world would end in 1981. Imagine my frustration several years later when I discovered that Mother Shipton's original prophecy was for 1881.