Monday, March 27

1) Yesterday was a day of rare productivity. NO idea how I accomplished so much on my list. I finished and posted a column, finished and posted that piece about my great-aunts, managed a lot of domesticity like hand-washing a sweater and sewing buttons and washing dishes, making plans for the spring, even getting some exercise (!) with a one-hour walk through the arboretum. Yay!

2) Continuing to explore the two boxes Cousin Hal sent up, and finding what appears to be the scrapbook he made for Granny when he visited Scrivelsby in the early 1970s, as well as Betty's copy of "Scrivelsby, Home of the Champions" - which, come to think of it, I might have found for her at Goodspeed's back in the 1990s.

2a) I miss Goodspeed's, one of the best rare bookstores ever.

2b) Did you read the piece I posted yesterday?

3) Just now flashing through my mind the way Mrs. Tarleton described the Wilkes family: "They can run a fast track and they can run a straight track, but they can't run a mud track."