Tuesday, March 21

1) Back to colors today.

2) I went to be VERY early last night, around 8:45 PM (!), so of course woke up in the middle of the night and read email. Going through one thread, suddenly a quote relevant to me from "Dinner at Eight" flashed through my head: "I belong to the Delmonico's period." I can't fault the wonderful advances of the last, say, 125 years (like Diana Vreeland, I think life is better with penicillin, not to mention the Geneva Convention and equal marriage). But I do miss the appurtenances (like silk candleshades, multi-course dinners, and Jacqueminot roses), the graciousness, and the =appreciation= of those things.

3) Yesterday, to observe the first day of spring, and recognizing that my figure resembles that of a blanc mange, I joined the pool at the hotel next to the office. Now, let's see how often I go.