Wednesday, the Ides of March

1) Last night's sludge with a crust solidified into pathways of Arctic treachery overnight.

2) Morning coffee at the Parker House with a wonderful development officer from Interlochen, with conversation ranging from the new president (who starts in June), the new music building, the books of Victoria Finlay, Louisiana in general, the alumni body in general, and this October's all-call reunion (at which I expect every single one of you reading this who is an Interlochen person to attend).

3) Having finished Shanghai Grand, this morning took up Clementine: The Life of Mrs. Winston Churchill. I wish they'd said right on the first page that her names rhymes with mean and not mine. Her mother, Lady Blanche Hozier, clearly spent her married life putting the ho in Hozier!

4) Y'know, today is the we're all supposed to mail postcards to President Trump. I need to do so!